In the chemical industry, caustic effluent, contaminated with color & COD is generated in plant processes. This affects the effluent treatment plant and leads to effluent discharge problems. To overcome this discharge issue, effluent needs to be treated before sending it to ETP. It is required to be treated with caustic clarification process which includes the INDION Caustic Clarification Membrane Technology thereby reducing color & COD.

Nowadays, Caustic Clarification plant with INDION NF membrane system is used to remove color and COD from Effluent before discharge to ETP.

Specialty membrane system provides clarified caustic with reduction of COD & color. This caustic can be reused in various plant processes.

This advanced membrane system offers savings in ETP cost in treating high COD & highly colored alkaline stream.

Published on: 24 Aug. 2019 Uploaded on: 10 July 2020
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