Fresh fruits are harvested, inspected, cleaned & sent to a hammer or grating mill for grinding. The juice is then extracted from the mashed fruits using a press. This raw juice collected from a press or extractor typically contains suspended solids and other viscous soluble materials which impart color, taste & aroma to juice.

INDION specialty membrane filtration preserves the aroma of the fruits with lesser membranes than conventional membranes hence reduced frequency of CIP. This membrane system operates on optimum pressure & hence saves power consumption. Membranes posses high mechanical strength and provide ease of handling.

Advanced INDION specialty membrane system removes suspended solids, colloidal haze particles, microorganisms, and undesirable proteins, leaving a crystal clear, flavorful juice with high yield.

Published on: 26 Nov. 2019 Uploaded on: 10 July 2020
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