Whey is an important by-product from the cheese manufacturing industry. The whey contains milk nutrients, which include proteins, lactose, soluble vitamins and minerals.

Whey is rich in nutrients, especially proteins with high biological quality, nutritional & functional properties & having some ionic impurities.

Whey Demineralization (DM) process is used to make whey products more suitable for human consumption by removing ionic impurities. Whey demineralization consists of removal of salts such as NaCl and other monovalent salts from whey feed. The use of NF membrane is economical. It also lowers load on downstream system of volumes to be treated and thus reduces operating costs. Reduction of salts improves edible product quality and thus improves yield of finished product. Demineralized whey reduces evaporator fouling caused due to removal of monovalent salts.

INDION Nanofiltration membrane allows water and monovalent ions such as NaCl to pass through the membrane but retains and concentrates organic constituents. Rejection characteristics of Nanofiltration membrane enable it to be used in the separation of salt from salt whey in dairy industry.

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