Whey is an important by-product from the cheese manufacturing industry. Whey contains milk nutrients which include proteins, lactose, soluble vitamins and minerals.

Whey is rich in nutrients, especially proteins with high biological quality, nutritional & functional properties & having some ionic impurities.

The protein concentration can improve the expression of whey properties, allowing concentration of whey constituents by INDION Ultra filtration (UF) system. This UF system is designed to concentrate (purify) whey protein. The UF permeate contains primarily low molecular weight constituents such lactose and salts. INDION Ultra filtration (UF) is employed to purify and concentrate liquid whey before its processing by evaporation. This results in minimizing evaporator load. It saves cost of fuel/ energy for Evaporator. The protein powder is widely used as a food and feed additive.

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